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Genre(s) : General_Entertainment.

Satellite(s) : Hotbird & Nilesat


Al Sharqiya TV on


First launched in 2008, Iraqi private TV channel, Al Sharqiya, is committed to providing quality entertainment programming to Arab-speaking viewers throughout Iraq and across the world. Those looking for variety viewing have plenty to enjoy, with a diverse slate of general programming and content that reflects this diversity. Viewers of all ages are represented, with Al Sharqiya appealing to the whole family, from children and adolescents, through to adults and more mature views. Al Sharqiya is aimed primarily at Arabic-speaking viewers, with all programming broadcast exclusively in Arabic. Viewers can keep up to date with current events, with quality newscasts and regular reporting broadcast throughout the day courtesy of Al Sharqiya’s very own news programming. There’s plenty of general entertainment on offer, with games shows, discussion and panel shows, plus morning magazine programs. Fans of factual entertainment can also enjoy documentary films and reality series broadcast daily. Sports fans will be glad to know that both local and international sporting events are well represented, with regional competitions from around Iraq, plus worldwide meet-ups and international tournaments. Come the evening, Al Sharqiya turns its focus towards entertainment, broadcasting a selection of television films and lighter programming that’s suitable for the whole family. Younger viewers also have plenty to enjoy, with a special stream of youth programming consisting mainly of animated shows and general entertainment. Al Sharqiya is available to viewers across Europe, North Africa, Asia and the Middle East via Hot Bird satellite on the frequency 11747 H 27500 3/4.