Langue(s) : English.

Pays : Qatar.

Genre(s) : News.

Satellite(s) : Hotbird & Nilesat


Al jazeera English sur


Al Jazeera English is part of the much bigger world wide media group which bears the same name. Via HotBird satellites (which are part of Eutelsat) Al Jazeera programmes are received by about 54 million households around the world, including Europe, Asia Minor and the Mediterranean basin. With some 1500 TV broadcast channels and 300 radio channels available, programmes are offered in more than 10 different languages. Broadcasting entirely in English, Al Jazeera English is a Qatar-based news channel. Following the international success of Al Jazeera, this English-language channel has been created to capitalise and expand on that success. Like its more established counterpart, Al Jazeera English broadcasts continuous news updates 24 hours a day, all of which are freely available via satellite in Europe and around the world. Launched in 2006, this English language news channel was designed to provide continuous news broadcasts. Programming is designed to be very varied because the channel aims to address as wide an audience as possible. Perspectives relating to African and Asian viewers are of particular interest in the news broadcasts. The success of the Al Jazeera media network around the world confirms it as a leader in the field of continuous information broadcasting.