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Al Iraqiya News is a TV station owned by the Iraqi Media Network group.

This free channel has an audience share of a considerable size in the Iraqi media landscape. It is truly rooted in the habits of people who turn to it for the latest twists of local and national news.

To follow the dynamics of the new and constantly evolving world, the TV station has a mixed team of journalists, presenters and war reporters who go to the heart of the action to bring the real information. Thus with Al Iraqiya News you can follow news programmes that relay the facts in relation to Iraqi politics. The actions of the government and parliament in fact benefit from a wide coverage.
This channel was created after the fall of Saddam Hussein and has positioned itself as a network where no subject is obscured and even the most sensitive topics are well covered on this channel. It avails of free expression and calls on all political tendencies. This follows an approach that wants you to have extended information from various sources in order to make yourself your own synthesis.
Al Iraqiya News offers decryption on different topics and invites savvy consultants and analysts. The brand contributes in its own way in the fight against terrorism. It has no qualms in visiting the conflict areas and giving a voice to the victims.