Langue(s) : Arabic.

Country : Egypt.

Genre(s) : Religious.

Satellite(s) : Nilesat


Al Fady TV on


Though Islam is well and truly installed in Arab countries, and constitutes the main religious affiliation of people in those countries, Christianity is also very present. This is especially the case in Egypt, which has a large Coptic community. Al Fady TV was created for this very community, but this channel also broadcasts with the aim of disseminating the principles of the Christian faith throughout the Arab world and in other Arabic-speaking countries. Broadcasting from Cairo, the channel’s primary mission is to educate the Arab community about the Christian church. Every day, religious discussions are broadcast, and the various programmes on the schedule revolve around the life teachings that can be found in the Bible. Through its daily broadcasts, AL Fady TV offers so much to viewers, including preaching, spiritual guidance, testimonies and talks led by preachers and seasoned leaders in the faith. The channel also offers tailored programmes to meet the specific requirements of its target audience. This is the case, for example, with the programme that is known as “Message of grace”. This programme is designed to bring messages of peace to the everyone who lives in Muslim countries, and it is also designed to provide a spiritual companion to the various Christian Arab families as they go about their everyday lives. Other family shows such as the broadcast which is known as “witnesses cloud” enable the viewers to learn more about Bible characters through fun and lively educational moments.