Why does our service offer automatic updates?

You’ve probably already experienced that moment when your TV set-top box displays a black screen instead of your favourite TV channel. It’s a race against time to reinstall the set-top box and find your TV channel before your programme starts! Now, with Sat.tv, you can say goodbye to all that. Channels are now updated automatically – you don’t have to do a thing. Interested? Read on, we’ll tell you more!

1.   Enjoy your favourite channels

With automatic updates, you don’t have to worry about missing any episodes of your favourite series!

New TV channels and those that are upgraded to HD or change frequency are automatically installed on your satellite set-top box.

The TV programme guide is loaded in your set-top box.

Everything is fully automated, so you can find your favourite programmes without having to do anything yourself. Automatic updates are made overnight without disturbing you, so everything is ready for you in the morning.

The big advantage of automatic updates? Apart from saving you time, this feature allows you to enjoy the high quality of the satellite TV service at all times. Whether you’re in North Africa or the Middle East, discover the joys of a new TV experience!

2.   Avoid the inconvenience of manual updates

There are still some viewers who get in external parties to manually update their TV channels. Time-consuming and energy-consuming, this process is often a headache! Not to mention the time it takes to find a qualified specialist who’s free to do the job…

With automatic updates, you don’t have to call in anyone external. Updates take place while you are asleep, at work or busy in the kitchen! It has never been easier to enjoy a modern, high-quality TV service.

3.   Delight your loved ones and impress your guests!

Everyone will love this service. With the automatic updates, you’re sure to make a good impression on family and friends. Because Sat.tv’s service is so simple and innovative, even the most sceptical will want to try a set-top box with our integrated solution.

How do you get Sat.tv automatic updates?

It’s easy to get the Sat.tv service! All you have to do is find a set-top box that works with our solution, plug it in and set it up. It only takes a few minutes. A whole new TV experience in the blink of an eye!

Leave your TV set-top box on standby at night and it will update itself so that you always have access to all the content available on the satellite.

So what do you get? More than a hundred channels in HD and in several languages, modern features (time-shifted or simultaneous recording, classification of channels by genre, language or logo…), an aesthetically pleasing and intuitive platform… Basically, this 2.0 service has a lot going for it!

You can get the Sat.tv service if you live in Europe, North Africa, Western Russia or the Middle East.

Want to know more about Sat.tv? Contact us by phone or via our website to find out more.

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