What you want from a TV set-top box: interviews with users

The arrival of Sat.tv compatible set-top boxes in homes is a whole new experience for many users. Modern, fast and efficient, the set-top box offers advantages that will appeal to young and old alike. But what exactly makes a “good” set-top box? According to our users, there are a few things that are essential.

Quick and easy to install 

Getting lost in cables, being confused by highly technical issues when trying to install the set-top box… Nobody wants that. Our users agree: simplicity is the key. 

That’s why we have opted for a turnkey installation with easy connections, no technical hassles, a simple installation guide and a brief how-to video. The aim behind this? To make the box accessible to everyone. 
Similarly, all the people we interviewed want to avoid having to periodically reset the set-top box in order to find new TV channels. Aladin, who lives in Dubai, adds: new channels should be set up automatically, without altering the numbering of the existing channels.

A wide range of choices and easy to navigate

For Wadiaa from Morocco, television has a very important role, especially for her parents. The day is punctuated by TV programmes, the evening news, the weather forecast, etc. It is therefore important to offer channels that are geared to the needs of older people. 

But the younger generation wants more and more choice! They are often online and find a lot of content on the Internet. It is therefore essential to continue to surprise them and win them over with channels designed for them: sport, fashion, series, etc. 

Injy, a young Egyptian film fan, would like to be able to easily find all the film channels, including the new ones that have just started on satellite. 

However, as our users agree, a very wide and varied range of channels should not prevent you from being able to browse through them easily. Watching TV is great, but finding your way around is better!

Innovative and useful features 

Apart from being easy to set up and easy to find the channels, our users are impressed by some new features. Imane from Morocco tells us how happy she was when she turned on the set-top box. The menu is easy to access, you can understand it straight away and you can search by genre… The Sat.tv service looks promising! But what really adds value to the box, in her opinion, is the graphic menu, the “favourites management” function and the fact that you can set an alert on a favourite programme so that you don’t miss it, whatever the time zone. 

For Aladin, the features are useful if they are easy to use. For him, the fact that the channels are divided into different categories is a real bonus. He can quickly browse through the different types of channels… and find all the news and sports channels very quickly! 

The users interviewed unanimously agree that the Sat.tv service has the potential to be revolutionary. Having access to such a wide range of channels in the home ensures that all members of the family can find the perfect programme. This is what really makes the Sat.tv service stand out: its ability to bring together all types of viewers, thanks to this little marvel of technology!

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