What makes Sat.tv so special compared to other services?

The TV box market is gradually taking hold in North Africa and in Eastern countries. This new service is making new users curious about the possibilities contained in such a small box! Once you’ve connected it to your TV, your set-top box is ready. How’s that for quick!

Discover all the features of the Sat.tv service and its advantages over other solutions on the market.

Easy to set up

One of the main advantages of Sat.tv is that it’s easy to install. You don’t need to be a professional techie to set up the box! First-time users will love how easy the automatic set-up is, with no configuration or Internet connection required. The only thing to do? Plug in the box. That’s it! However, we do provide all our users with a set-up guide to make the task even easier.

Another important point is that all the satellite channels are installed and updated regularly, so you don’t have to do anything manually. You will no longer need to call in an external person to update the channels because everything is automated.

Easy to find the channels you want

The Sat.tv service has been designed to ensure a good user experience. The interface therefore gives you:

  • Direct access to the most popular channels through a preset channel list based on the country chosen at the time of installation
  • A quick logo-display view of the available channels
  • A genre filter to make it easy to search for channels by theme

In addition to all these options that optimise the TV experience, each programme is presented with all the information relating to its broadcast. Name, broadcast time, programme visual, names of actors, year of production, etc. Viewers get to know their favourite TV programmes inside out!

The wide variety of programmes

We all have our preferences when it comes to TV programmes. With Sat.tv, each member of the household will be able to find the programme they want most! With over 700 channels, 150 of which are in HD, there is something for everyone on the Sat.tv service. There are 130 movie channels, 40 sports channels and 20 children’s channels!

A whole new audiovisual world will open up to you with the Sat.tv service. Watching the best programmes available in the Middle East and North Africa has never been so good! In addition, Sat.tv also offers dozens of programmes in Russian, Italian and Arabic to ensure that all viewers are catered for.

Features that set Sat.tv apart

Finally, Sat.tv has focused on innovation to meet the needs of all users. For example, we have developed several innovative features:

  • Quick access to your favourite channels via the “Favourites” section
  • Instant access to the TV guide on your TV set
  • Alert setting so you don’t miss any programmes
  • Recording of TV programmes so you can watch them at any time

And as technology continues to progress, the future looks bright for Sat.tv and its users!

Want to know more about Sat.tv? Contact us by phone or via our website to find out more.

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