What is the TV Guide App?

In addition to our Sat.tv service, we have developed an App that allows you to fully enjoy the TV experience. Our App is available on tablets and smartphones and contains several features to enhance your viewing experience! This App is proof that Sat.tv is taking an innovative approach and wants to make modern technology accessible to everyone. Will you be the next to install it? We hope so!

What is the TV Guide App by Sat.tv?

To take full advantage of the Sat.tv service, we recommend that you download the TV Guide App, available from the App Store and Google Play.

“Yet another app, is it worth it?”, you might ask. Well yes, if you want to see all the details of your favourite programmes and channels. With the TV Guide App, you will find a wealth of information tailored to your profile as well as recommendations of programmes you might like. And, good news, it’s totally free!

Dozens of handy features… that you’ll love!

Thanks to Sat.tv’s TV Guide App, you can keep track of all the channels available through our service and have access to some very interesting options for enhancing your TV experience.

  • Access the detailed guide to over 1000 free satellite channels. You can now check out the programmes broadcast on more than 1000 channels, in 34 different languages! So you’ll always have the latest information.
  • React on social media and interact with a whole community! Find all Sat.tv users via the TV Guide App and share your impressions with them in real time! Great for commenting on the highlights of your favourite programme.
  • Get alerts on the latest news. You can schedule and save alerts on all the TV programmes you don’t want to miss! So there’s no chance of missing them!

These features have been designed to meet the needs of customers. The real joy? Being able to control everything from your smartphone, whenever you want and wherever you are!

A personalised service that helps you on a daily basis

The TV Guide App is designed to accompany you in your daily TV experience. You don’t need to be an expert in new technologies to use it. Intuitive and easy to use, this app is perfect for keeping track of your programmes and updating you on what’s new. With just one click, get access to all the latest information and experience this new way of viewing!

Our little extra? The personalised recommendation tool! Select the type and genre of programmes you usually like and get several recommendations just for you.

Available in North Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Western Russia, the TV Guide App is available for immediate download. You won’t want to be without it!

Want to know more about Sat.tv? Contact us by phone or via our website to find out more.

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