The service: it’s been trialled and we have the feedback!

Before rolling out our solution to a wider audience, we turned to the best people to create the first satellite receiver developed for you: you yourselves! 

With the help of our beta testers in Algeria, Morocco, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates, we have developed a user-friendly, state-of-the-art receiver. 

Want to know more? Hear what they say about it!

Set-up: so simple, anyone can do it 

When you get a new product, you may be tempted to start using it without looking at the instructions. But receivers come with a short installation guide that our beta testers all referred to. Simple, clear and precise, it contains everything they needed to set up their decoder! 

I used the quick start guide to set up my box. That’s all you need to figure it out! The various steps are also easy to follow.

Dawoud Y., user in Algeria 

The beta testers all agree that setting up the satellite receiver is easy and intuitive. 

They also appreciated the fact that there are various aids to help with the installation: short demonstration videos on YouTube, a dedicated TV channel to help users get started with the service (#2000 channel).

The channels: varied and interesting 

The TV package is exciting as it has 1000 unique channels, 150 of which are in HD. In whichever country you live, the choice is enormous! For users, this wide variety of choice is one of the major advantages of Free to watch their favourite programmes, they can also try out new channels and discover new programmes! 

Customers also really like being able to choose channels by genre. Ali B., for example, in Morocco, says: “It’s a very useful feature. I would even say that it’s one of’s top features! It allows you to quickly find the channel you want based on the genre you select.

What else does it offer?

  • Channel logos,
  • “Favourite Channels” button, 
  • Channel search bar,
  • Information banner for programmes currently on air, 
  • Instant recorder,
  • Etc.

Programme guide: up-to-date and useful 

“What are we watching tonight?” This is one of the questions most asked by TV fans. And that’s no surprise! Who doesn’t want to know what’s on? users love having access to the TV guide directly on their TV sets.

I really like this feature. It helps me choose which programmes to watch, but also to schedule those to be recorded. Very useful!

Aseel Z., Jordan 

The TV guide is divided into fifteen genres and displays all the programme visuals to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. Thanks to this visual navigation, users can browse through the channels as they please. This means you won’t miss that football match or political debate! 

The programme guide in the decoder is very advanced compared to any other satellite receiver. It makes this product really special compared to others. »

Ali B., Morocco

Quickly identify channels through the logo and create your favourites

Users confirm that they can find channels more easily thanks to the logos and thus put them in their favourites list. Regardless of the type of channel or package, users can easily create their own little package.

Ali S. says:

It’s easy to find the channels I watch thanks to the logos. It’s really helpful – I don’t use the channel numbers anymore.”

The little extras of the box 

Apart from all its features, users love the box for the experience it provides. No ads on the app, a USB port, the ability to schedule multiple tasks at once… Overall, the feedback from our beta testers was very positive! 
It’s thanks to you that we can continually improve and provide a service that is always better adapted to your needs. We welcome your feedback so we can create a unique audiovisual solution together!