Launch of the service: what do our influencers say about it?

Social media stars, Chahrazad Akroud and Tamer Bashir, are followed by thousands of people: 750K and 890K followers respectively… As if that wasn’t enough! They did us the honour of trying out the service exclusively and we have asked them to tell us what they thought of it.

Chahrazad Akroud: “I was impressed by how easy it was to install!”

TV and Internet boxes are not always easy to install. With complicated manuals and uninspiring tutorials, it is sometimes difficult to understand the basics when installing a box. For Chahrazad Akroud, who is not an IT enthusiast, the simplicity of the installation immediately won her over: there was no need to call in an installer as the guide and the explanatory video helped her to install the box correctly.

The Moroccan influencer was therefore able to quickly take advantage of this new device and watch her favourite TV programmes!

Another noteworthy point: she liked the design of the box, which is definitely more modern than older models. And that makes a difference! Placed on a TV stand, the box looks great in your living room.

Tamer Bashir: “The best thing? The complete kit!”

Tamer Bashir also emphasised that the device is very easy and intuitive to use. You don’t have to spend hours tearing your hair out trying to figure out how to set up the service! The influencer sees this simplicity as a valuable advantage, as it means that any customer will be able to use the service. Just follow the instructions and everything should work!

Tamer Bashir also appreciated the fact that the box came with everything it would need. You won’t need to go to a shop to buy the cables needed for installation: everything is provided by the team. This shows the company’s consideration for the users! There’s no more risk of choosing the wrong cable or not being able to use the box while you look for the right wire. As soon as you have installed it, you can watch all the programmes you want, hassle-free.

Lastly, Tamer Bashir was also impressed by the elegant design of the box. In this case, you can trust appearances: our device is both attractive and efficient!

Result: two influencers won over!

Both Chahrazad Akroud and Tamer Bashir were unanimous in their endorsement of the service. Intuitive, attractive, efficient… This new device has everything to appeal to consumers.

They therefore recommend the service without hesitation to anyone who wants a brand new TV experience. High-performance equipment, more than 1,000 channels, including 150 in HD, the option to record programmes live or pre-record them for later viewing, a simpler channel organisation… is a service that is truly designed for users.

Want to join Chahrazad Akroud and Tamer Bashir in the adventure? Find out more about our services and our App today!