How is reinventing the satellite TV experience?

Faster, easier to install and offering a wide range of channels: the service has it all. What are its strengths? And how is it managing to reinvent the satellite TV experience? Read on to discover what makes such a great choice.

Efficient and easy to use 

The strength of lies, above all, in its simplicity. Do you want to enjoy the service? It’s easy:

You just need to be in an area covered by the Eutelsat/Nilesat 7W or HOTBIRD 13°E satellites. 

Get a receiver that supports the service from your local TV and satellite shop. 

Then connect the receiver to your satellite dish, switch on and enjoy a new TV experience!

Over 1000 channels available including over 250 in HD is a service available in most countries from the Middle East and North Africa via the Eutelsat/Nilesat 7°W orbital position which provides access to all free Arabic-language channels.

The service is also available on the HOTBIRD 13°E position covering a different range of channels. 

You therefore have access to channels from all over the world for free, including hundreds in HD.

Programmes in Arabic, English, French, but also in Russian, Italian or Spanish… Your living room will become truly international! 

Modern, practical features 

But the big difference between and traditional satellite reception solutions is that offers innovative and useful features. These features allow viewers to enjoy their TV time to the full.

Classification by type

First there is the “classification by type” which makes it easier to look for channels. All the channels are divided into different categories, making them easier to access! This feature makes the service more intuitive and saves a lot of time for all TV fans. 

Presentation of channels by logo 

For anyone with a visual memory, this feature is for you! presents channels by logo for easy selection. Useful if you’ve forgotten the name of the channel… 

TV guide by programme type

Another of’s strengths? The “TV guide by genre”. Don’t know what to watch? In the blink of an eye, all available programmes are filtered by genre and presented in a mosaic of thumbnails: films, series, football, cooking, children’s programmes, and so on. They are also filtered according to broadcast time: now, tonight, tomorrow, etc.

Simple live or deferred recording 

Worried about missing your favourite programme? Don’t panic, it only takes a few seconds to set up a recording! You can record live or pre-recorded, both options are available. 

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