How does simplify your satellite TV experience?

Can you see your dad tapping the screen to get a better reception? Or your mum pressing all the buttons to find her favourite programme? We’re all familiar with this kind of scenario. With, everyone can relax on the sofa and enjoy a more up-to-date and hassle-free TV experience! 

There are only 2 steps required to install our product 

At, we have opted for simplicity. We don’t want you to waste time connecting, disconnecting and reconnecting a device you don’t understand. Our goal? To give you quick access to your TV programmes. 

That’s why we have created, a service that simplifies the satellite TV experience. To enjoy the benefits yourself, all you have to do is:

  1. Connect the set-top box; 
  2. Select your country 

In just a few minutes, you’re ready to go! Now you can enjoy the whole experience. 

We bring together all your favourite channels 

The service offers its customers access to all their favourite channels. With over 1000 channels, including 250 HD channels, users can browse through all their favourite shows! 

Films, sports, cooking… There’s something for everyone. Our box revolutionises the TV experience, bringing together the best programmes from the Middle East and North Africa. Thousands of programmes in Arabic, English, French, Italian and Russian are available 24/7. 

We offer you new features simplifies your satellite TV experience with useful and innovative features: 

  • Channel search by genre or logo; 
  • Pre-set numbering; 
  • Digital TV guide; 
  • Alerts so you don’t miss your favourite programmes; 
  • Automatic set-up and updates 

Similarly, we have designed a device that is easy to install and understand. You can navigate the menu very intuitively. The interface is designed to introduce you to new programmes and make it easier for you to use the device. 

With, you won’t have to waste any more time trawling through the menu. You can just enjoy some TV time with family or friends! 

We listen to our customers and hear what you want 

At, we have a team of audiovisual experts who are always ready to improve your television experience. 

Providing proactive and responsive customer service is one of our priorities. We know that this device will be a bit of a revolution for many households and we want to support you! 

Want to enjoy the experience? Simply buy a compatible set-top box from your local TV and satellite shop to replace your old set-top box!

Simple, fast and high-performing, our set-top box has it all. Once you have one in your home, you won’t want to look for another. 

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