Mohabat TV

اللغة: الفارسية.

البلد: إيران.

النوع: دين.

الصناعي : Hotbird


Mohabat TV على

وصف القناة

The Mohabat TV channel provides a platform for transmission of high quality programming, suitable for viewing by all family members.

This programming presents the Gospel of Jesus Christ and his saving love for all peoples. Various organizations and ministries supply programs and program blocks. The lineup includes a variety of formats, such as regular dramatic programs or series, movies, music videos, specials, teaching, and evangelistic or personal ministry presentations.

Mohabat TV reserves the full right to determine its program schedule and the content that is presented. Mohabat TV is an apolitical network.

The Mohabat TV satellite signal is carried 24/7 on the Hot Bird 13°E with a digital service footprint covering North Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the Arabian Peninsula.
Viewers can received it for free